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NEW ORLEANS-- There are new developments in a story about an Uptown carjacking and a stolen dog, which happened on Tuesday. The carjacking victim tells Eyewitness News that Jefferson Parish deputies found her SUV early Saturday morning, but the dog wasn't in it. However, there was something in the vehicle, which gives her hope her dog is okay.

'He's just very skittish. He's not very comfortable when he's not around me, you know,' said 'Meg,' the carjacking victim, who we are identifying only by her first name.

Meg is the owner of Skeeter, an 11-year-old Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier mix. He was taken when Meg was attacked and her SUV carjacked on Tuesday night at Claiborne Avenue and Burdette Street.

'I was pounding on the window, screaming, 'Give me my dog! Give me my dog! My dog!'' she said.

Around 1 a.m. on Saturday, though, Meg received a phone call from authorities. Jefferson Parish deputies found her vehicle in the 1100 block of Scotsdale Drive in Harvey. They told her the driver fled the scene. Skeeter was not inside the vehicle, but something else was.

'There was a leash, that was in the car, when I went through the car,' she said. 'That wasn't a leash that was familiar to me, so it kind of makes me hope that they are keeping Skeeter or gave Skeeter to someone.'

This week, the Humane Society of Louisiana stepped in helping to double a reward for Skeeter's return, raising it to $1,000.

'Usually, you only have a small window to get this thing done, so we'd like to close the story with a great ending, a happy ending,' said Jeff Dorson of the Humane Society of Louisiana.

It's an ending Meg hopes to see for herself.

'Please send him home. He's my dog. I just love him and I just can't imagine not having him back again,' she said. 'You know, I haven't even been home yet, to my apartment because I just don't want to be inside and not have him there greeting me.'

If you have information on Skeeter or want to help, contact the Humane Society of Louisiana at 1-888-6-HUMANE or go to

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