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NEW ORLEANS -- Thanksgiving at the Fair Grounds is a tradition dating back to 1898. It's an event that brings out regulars and newcomers alike.

The races, the food and, of course, the hats. It's all part of what many say is a must-see experience.

'I think it's fun,' said Skyler Bourn. 'I like the people watching and I like the horses. It's always just something new every time.'

'I come from the Bahamas. My first time here, I said, I'll never miss it again,' said Reubin Knowles. 'I been here five times. And every year I make it a point to come here, and I told my children, 'you know I love you, but the Fair Grounds is part of the deal.''

And for others today, this is an entirely new way to spend Thanksgiving.

'It's my first time, yes,' said Simone Ballard. 'My friend told me to come last week. She's gonna be here with her family soon. She had everybody wears funny hats.'

'This is the first time at the races in New Orleans. This is the first time on Thanksgiving I haven't cooked -- the first time for everything,' said Carole Grafstrom.

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