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METAIRIE, La. For all the trash talking Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel likes to dish out, Tuesday he chose another path playing it straight.

Two weeks ago, Saints linebacker Scott Shanle called the Falcons New Orleans' 'little brothers' in an interview with Yahoo! Sports' Mike Silver.

Samuel, obviously, doesn't agree. But he didn't take the opportunity in a conference call with New Orleans media to fire back.

'Of course we wouldn't consider it that way,' Samuel said. 'We're just going to go out there Thursday night and let our play do all the talking and we're just going to go out there and play hard.'

Shanle's comments came after New Orleans' 31-27 win over Atlanta on Nov. 11. Before that game, Shanle told Silver that several Falcons players were taunting Curtis Lofton, New Orleans' middle linebacker who played for Atlanta previously.

The Saints have won 11 of the past 13 games in the series, including the past games.

Tuesday, Falcons coach Mike Smith said he's unconcerned with the back-and-forth between the two teams prior to this particularly intense rivalry.

'Not meaning it to be taken the wrong way There's noise before every game,' Smith said. 'It starts usually on Tuesday if the game is on Sunday. There's noise that goes on outside the building. It's part of the process leading up to a football game.

'Our focus, just like the guys down there's focus, is on what do we have to do to play our best ballgame Thursday night? We don't listen to it. We don't concern ourselves with it. It's all part of it but it's something we don't concern ourselves with.'

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