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1. New England Cemented their position as the league's top dog by dismantling Houston (Last week, no. 3)
2. Denver Continue to take of business (Last week, no. 4)
3. Green Bay Improving each week. Woodson and Matthews are back next week. (Last week, no. 6)
4.San Francisco Is Kaepernick really the answer? Harbaugh may come to regret pulling the trigger too early on Alex Smith's demotion. (Last week, no. 5)
5. Houston -- Exposed again by a talented team (Last week, no. 1)
6. Atlanta Don't let the score fool you, Carolina soundly beat them. The one-and-done in the playoffs seems more likely with each week. (Last week, no. 2)
7. N.Y. Giants Ended any shred of hope for a Saints playoff game. But they continue to be inconsistent. (Last week, no. 9)
8. Seattle Tough defense and a budding young QB. (Last week, no. 8)
9. Baltimore Fired an offensive coordinator with three games left in a season? Full panic mode in Baltimore. (Last week, no. 7)
10. Indy Your Rookie of the Year is going to be a tough out in the playoffs (Last week, no. 10)

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