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NEW ORLEANS -- LSU announced a major public-private partnership deal regarding three of its hospitals Monday morning. The announcement comes as the university hospital system braces for major layoffs next month.

As construction continues on the massive University Medical Center in the heart of New Orleans, there are questions about the financial health of the LSU hospital system. Gov. Bobby Jindal and other state officials have been hinting at the possibilty of a public-private partnership for some of the hospitals in the system.

As EyewitnessNews first reported last Thursday, in New Orleans, Children's Hospital will run the University Medical Center, once construction is completed, and the interim LSU Hospital that is currently open. In Houma, Oschner will run Leonard Chabert Medical Center.

Officials believe that these moves will help people keep jobs and stop some of the planned layoffs. Also, it will keep some of the beds they planned to close open.

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