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NEWORLEANS- Police continue to search for a janitor-turned-suspect in a quadruple shooting and murder and it has some people questioning whether background checks do enough to reveal red flags.

A background check failed to reveal his prior arrests, including one for first-degree murder.

According to New Orleans Police, 28-year-old Larry Haynes walked up to his girlfriend, 26-year-old Tiara Reynolds on December 1 and shot her at close range in front of her kids, then shot three others in the family's driveway on South Roman Street.

He had been in trouble with the law before but a background check failed to reveal those issues.

Haynes is now on the run. Before police say he carried out a quadruple shooting and murder, Haynes had a violent and extensive arrest history, including a prior arrest for first-degree murder.

But it didn't stop him from working as a janitor at Lusher High School.

'They were very detailed on the matter as they do with all things,' said Joseph King, about the school's communication with parents about the situation. King's son goes to Lusher. He says the school sent out several emails about it once they realized he worked for outside contractor Jani-King as a night janitor on their school team.

Lusher's CEO, Kathy Riedlinger, didn't want to go on camera with us about the situation saying she had already addressed it with her parents a week ago.

'Once I read the email and once they explained everything, I felt they were up on it,' King said.

Riedlinger told us on the phone that a background check, done by Jani-King, showed two prior convictions for Haynes, one for illegal gun possession and another for a drug charge from 15 years ago, but nothing about his arrest record.

'We do have a general background check that's just gonna show convictions on an individual's record. Then we have a more extensive background check that's gonna be laid out for those individuals working in sensitive areas or in the education community that's gonna show everything from arrests to expungements and also convictions,' said Louisiana State Trooper Nick Manale about the state's background check process.

State law requires many people who work around children to have the more extensive background checks. Whether that applies to janitors or other outside contractors is unclear.

The Orleans Parish School Board said they don't oversee contractors or employees of charter schools.

The school's CEO said Jani-King was responsible for getting Haynes' background check done.

'They're very good on background checks. Trust me. Cause even I have to get a background check to go on trips with my child,' King said.

The Jani-King franchise owner, Al Hebert, wouldn't do an interview with us.

He sent us a statement expressing their sympathy for the victims. It said, 'We are aware of the tragic shooting that took place over the weekend which allegedly involved Mr. Haynes.

Mr. Haynes was employed as a janitor by a Jani-King franchise owner, although the shooting occurred when Mr. Haynes was not on duty. All Jani-King Gulf Coast franchise owners and other personnel, including Mr. Haynes, are required to pass a background check performed by a third-party vendor prior to entering a customer location to perform any work. The alleged acts in this situation occurred outside of Mr. Haynes' scope of work with Jani-King and away from the school's campus. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this shooting and their families.'

Hebert wouldn't say whether a more extensive background check was planned or required.

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