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NEW ORLEANS -- Twelve is a number that we use a lot in everyday life. Most people buy eggs in twelves. There are 12 people on a jury. We could go on and on.

But Wednesday, some thought 12 would be lucky -- after all, the date was 12/12/12.

On any given Sunday, 12 can be a really big number for New Orleans, with Saints star wide receiver Marques Colston proudly wearing the number on his jersey.

But on this particular Wednesday, 12 is all the rage on the 12th month, on the 12th day of the year 2012.

'I thought maybe it might be her favorite number. You know, she came a month early, maybe she just liked the number 12. We just don't know yet,' said Kelly Gordon, who gave birth to a baby girl at East Jefferson General Hospital Wednesday morning.

Twelve will always have special meaning for the Gordons, with 12/12/12 being the day Emma Paige came into the world.

'Hopefully no one will forget her birthday now,' proud new father, Jeff Gordon, said.

12/12/12 is now a birthday Kyron Summers will never forget. His mom and the administrators at St. Augustine school surprised him Wednesday.

'He asked if I was gonna bring cupcakes. I said no, I'm not bringing cupcakes or anything. It's not even in the budget this year,' his mother, Chervonda Fortenberry, said.

Katie Moore asked, 'What was his reaction?'

Fortenberry replied, 'He looked like he wanted to cry.'

Then, 12 seniors at the school started to make their way to Summers' sixth grade classroom to surprise him. With party horns blaring, and party hats on their heads, they burst into the classroom clapping, and began singing happy birthday to the 12-year-old.

'It's 12/12/12 at 12/12 with 12 12th graders singing happy birthday to the 12-year-old,' said Father Tony Ricard, campus minister at St. Augustine High School.

In Louisiana, there are a lot of good things that come in twelves.

'Oysters always come in dozens,' said Owner of Drago's Seafood Restaurant, Tommy Cvitanovich.

The oyster guru, of course, added that we should all get a dozen raw, a dozen fried, and a dozen charbroiled.

Add to that twelve Barq's root beers and a dozen Daddy's Doughnuts and heck, we could easily come up with twelve great things in New Orleans that come in twelves, but well leave that to the 12 yats of Christmas or maybe keep it for our next 12 for the Road.

Many people in the metro area decided to get married today. It's the last triple number date this century.

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