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METAIRIE, La. On Tuesday, the hullabaloo surrounding the Dolphins' passing over of Drew Brees reclaimed the airwaves and internet after former Miami coach Nick Saban told radio host Dan LeBatard that the quarterback didn't pass a physical, nullifying a contract offer from the franchise.

Wednesday, Brees laughed when asked about the topic.

'Well I wouldn't have passed anybody's physical,' Brees said. 'I was two months in to an eight-month rehab.'

Equally as important to the story is this little fact from Brees the Dolphins didn't exactly offer him a written in stone contract.

'Well, I mean, I think he kind of scaled it back,' Brees said. 'There was an offer and then it was kind of teetering and then it was well, maybe not.'

Regardless of the situation six years ago and how it turned out, Brees harbors no ill will towards Saban.

In fact, he respects how the coach, who now is vying for his third national championship in four years at the University of Alabama, handled the situation.

But Brees said it's how he was treated in New Orleans that made the biggest difference.

'I was given confidence that you are our guy and we know the situation you're in but we know you're going to come back and lead this team and this community,' Brees said. 'The impression that I got when I was there was 'hey, we like you but we're not sure' and I got the sense I was being evaluated every second I was there.'

In Miami, Brees said he was 'poked and prodded' and stuck with needles as the Dolphins tried to make sure his arm was all right.

In the end, Brees said everything worked out for him and Saban.

'Listen, it all happened the way it was supposed to,' Brees said. 'He's at Alabama playing for his third national title and I don't think he'd trade it for the world. I certainly wouldn't trade it for the world. We're all good.'

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