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MANDEVILLE, La. -- More than four months after Hurricane Isaac, the damage left behind at one Northshore fishing spot is still raw, but repairs are in the works for Sunset Point.

The locks are tight and the closed signs are bright, but it's still hard for Franklinton resident, Carl Magee, to believe Sunset Point Park and Pier isn't over Hurricane Isaac yet.

'I feel I come a long way, coming here for nothing and it was just shut down,' he said, 'I wasn't too happy with it.'

But on the other side of the gates, it's apparent why the public is not welcome back yet.

'Sidewalks have been overturned, that the soil that was on the top of some of the erosion control that we've had here is disturbed, moved, eliminated and a lot of the structure as far as for the pier, also for some of these other areas, have been damaged,' said Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere.

The city had hoped to have all of this open three months after Isaac. Obviously, that hasn't happened yet and the reason is because of all the FEMA paperwork.

'The process from FEMA is sometimes pretty slow. We were out front getting our purchase orders to FEMA, we identified all of the damage here,' Villere said.

Now, the more than $300,000 job, 75 percent of which is on FEMA's dime, could be headed out to bid Friday, if the city council gives the thumbs up Thursday.

'We're hoping by the end of March we'll have some of it done and by the end of April, we'll have the vast majority, if not all of it, done,' said Villere.

Magee knows he isn't the only one happy to hear it.

'It brings a lot of people here and it's just a tradition to some people, you know,' he said.

The brand new St. Tammany Parish pier was also damaged in Isaac. Repairs there are at least $2 million.

The parish is still wading through the FEMA process, and, at this point, there's no word on when it'll start the bid process for that project.

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