Scott Satchfield / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS -- Across the city, it's been slow going for drivers -- especially on the Causeway -- as heavy fog has greatly reduced visibility.

'It's getting a little thicker the closer we get to the lake, obviously, but it's doable, provided everybody takes precautionary measures,' said one driver.

'Well it's a little difficult, but you know, you pay attention to the traffic, obey the laws,' said another driver.

With fog shrouding most everything in the city, French Quarter attractions like St. Louis Cathedral included, officials weren't taking any chances.

Traffic on the Causeway flowed in a controlled manner, as officials implemented convoy procedures.

'Fog's been with us all day. We actually started the convoying earlier this afternoon, about 3:30, trying to get a head start,' said Carlton Dufrechou, general manager of the Causeway Bridge. 'It's strictly trying to slow people down just a little bit -- be sure everyone sees the car ahead of you, car behind you and trying to just keep the spacing there and get everybody back safely.'

Dufrechou said once heavy commuter traffic passed, crews reduced traffic to one lane in both directions.

But the difficult conditions are expected to linger -- a reason officials warn morning commuters to stay tuned and allow extra travel time.

'Unfortunately tomorrow morning, we expect the fog again, so we probably will be flipping, starting the convoying back tomorrow morning pre-dawn,' Dufrechou said.

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