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NEW ORLEANS -- In exactly three weeks, the Super Bowl will once again put an international spotlight on New Orleans.

Sunday, members of the Super Bowl Host Committee met with those who will be counted on to help the city put its best foot forward workers in the local hospitality industry.

The event, held at Rock N' Bowl, served as a chance for workers to unwind, while also getting some final words of encouragement ahead of the massive event.

'These people are gonna be on the front lines of our city,' said committee co-chair James Carville. 'They're gonna be greeting people. They're gonna be waiting on them. They're gonna be taking care of them and we just wanted to do something nice for them and thank them in advance for what we know is gonna be a terrific job that they're gonna do.'

Host committee members say everyone must be on the same page, as logistics for all the activities surrounding the big game are more complex than ever before.

'The sheer size of the event, and I think the amount of people that are gonna be coming downtown -- not only the visitors from out of town, but our citizens who are gonna want to be a part of what is happening with the Super Bowl -- I think the challenge is handling that,' said host committee executive director Jay Cicero.

But Cicero and other organizers say hospitality workers here do it better than anyone -- a reason they're confident the crowds of tourists and media who descend on the city will enjoy first-rate service.

'They know they're gonna be treated like they're a guest at our house, because we have the greatest group of hospitality professionals, not just in the United States, but anywhere in the world,' Carville said.

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