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NEW ORLEANS -- It was the power outage seen around the world.

Half of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome went dark shortly after halftime during Sunday's Super Bowl.

Superdome managers worked into the early morning hours trying to diagnose the problem that caused an agonizing 35-minute disruption in play.

'We experienced an interruption in service that was somewhere off our property in the interconnect between what Entery operates and we operate,' said Doug Thornton, vice president of the Superdome.

Thornton said a fault sensor monitor housed in Entergy's power vault next to the Superdome sensed an abnormality.

'Which caused one of the two major feeder lines that service the building to fail. That's why you saw one half of the dome lights on and the other half off.'

60 Minutes Sports was in the NFL control room when the lights went out.

'We lost the A feeder. What does that mean? That means we have to do the bus tie. What does that mean? That means a 20 minute delay.'

Thornton said the generator system worked.

'Our emergency messaging worked,' he said. 'Fans were safe. There were no injuries. Play was resumed.'

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the outage doesn't take away from what was otherwise a fantastic Super Bowl week in New Orleans.

'I do not think this will have an impact on future Super Bowls here in New Orleans. I fully expect we'll be back here for Super Bowls. I hope that's the case. I hope we will be back here,' Goodell said.

Both Goodell and Superdome managers say from all indications the outage had nothing to do with Beyonce's halftime show.

'Those lights and that lighting grid was powered 100 percent by generator, two redundant generator systems, one megawatt generators that were installed by Agreco for the halftime show,' Thornton said.

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