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NEWORLEANS- Mardi Gras season is in full-swing and with large parade crowds come those who unfortunately break City code.

It's a reality that has some Uptown residents frustrated and asking for stricter police enforcement. 'We don't want port-a-potties right here as we watch parades from our yard,' said Tate Benoit.

For five years now, Benoit says the curb by his family's Saint Charles St. home has been over-run by port-a-lets. He says one local business owner is even charging parade-goers to tinkle.

'Someone said $5 for a ticket, another told me $1 a time. I'm not sure,' said Benoit. The New Orleans Police Department confirms that what is allegedly happening on Benoit's curb is against the law.

Benoit says an NOPD officer contacted the company that rents out the port-a-lets to have them removed on Wednesday and they were soon gone. However, Benoit contacted Eyewitness News on Thursday to say they were back again.

'Its always been a life-long wish to live along the parade route,' said Diane Fee who loves to watch the parades roll past her front door. However, the Uptown resident doesn't like to see parade revelers blatantly break the rules.

'It makes it difficult for people to come out and enjoy when we have billowing smoke from a huge bbq or having port-a-lets blocking our view and making fumes for people,' said Fee.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas says police officers have their hands full during Carnival season and the department needs your cooperation.

'We really want to ask people to remember common sense, common courtesy equals common safety,' said Superintendent Serpas who adds that officers are well-versed in the City's Mardi Gras Enforcement code but sometimes they're forced to fight a constant battle.

'We can be on one block getting the ladders back, working on getting the open air fires out, working on getting the intersections cleared but there are another 5,000 behind us often - and God knows we love our New Orleanians - but often times they go right back to where they were,' said Superintendent Serpas.

A reality that doesn't sit well with some residents who live in the heart of where Uptown parades roll.

'Make the rules more clear to people and with little bit more encouragement and enforcement,' said Fee.

NOPD says it will have an accurate tally of the violations it has issued during Carnival Season once it is over.

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