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COVINGTON, La. -- Last-minute Mardi Gras preparations are underway for the Captain of the Krewe of Lyra.

But bagging the parade's prized throw, decorated fedora hats, isn't the normal routine. It's part of the rain plan, which also includes boa's staying bagged and possibly keeping elaborate head pieces and collars indoors, away from the crowds in Covington.

Above all, the plan calls for keeping Mardi Gras alive.

'We're rolling,' said Mary Grace Knapp. 'We can keep out floats, our throws as dry as possible and we can have fun in the rain. Louisiana parties in the rain, Lyra's going to party in the rain.'

At the Covington Lions Club, floats are already being shielded from storms, and while some riders have dropped out because of the rain, krewe leaders say they've been replaced just as fast.

Both the Lions Club parade and the Mystic Krewe of Covington that follows are optimistic about the weather and plan to have their 400+ combined members throwing away on Mardi Gras Day.

'Last year was a lot of people and I look for, if the rain doesn't stop them, more this year,' said Club President Lee Roy Jenkins.

The parade stands on Boston Street are still up because the City of Covington says Mardi Gras will roll, as of now. Officials can change that plan as late as start time, 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Also as of news time, the king of the Krewe of Chahta, which rolls in Lacombe on Mardi Gras afternoon, tells Eyewitness News the parade will roll, despite the weather.

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