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NEW ORLEANS -- Food shortages, a lack of water, and raw sewage from overflowing toilets -- those are the reports coming from the fire-damaged Carnival Triumph.

On Wednesday night, passengers were forced to spend another night on-board the vessel while preparations were underway in Mobile, Alabama for their arrival.

The Crescent City is also on stand-by to help some of those weary 3,143 passengers.

'There is sewage, raw sewage. It's pretty bad. When you walk into the hallway you have to cover your mouth. We have no masks for breathing. It's disgusting,' is how one passenger described the situation by phone.

As the hours slip by, the conditions on board the 893-foot, 14-story Carnival Triumph seem to worsen. Wednesday night the fire-damaged vessel pulled by tug-boats continued to make the painfully slow journey towards Mobile, Alabama.

'No one here from Carnival are happy about the conditions on the ship. We are obviously very sorry about what is taking place,' said Carnival Cruise Lines President & CEO Gerry Cahill during a Tuesday press conference.

Cahill said once the cruise-line is safely back at port, passengers will have two options: board buses and go directly to Galveston or Houston in Texas, or spend the night at a hotel.

'The plan is to accommodate our guests in hotels in either Mobile or New Orleans on Thursday night once we get in and give them the opportunity to rest and relax,' said Cahill.

Carnival says it has booked 1500 hotel rooms in Mobile and New Orleans. Both the Sheraton and Marriott hotels downtown confirm being in communication with Carnival.

However, the hotels say no reservations have been finalized.

Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen tells Eyewitness News by email that the Crescent City was an obvious choice.

'We selected to stage the hotel and airport operation in New Orleans as it offered additional capacity and flexibility which was important to us, given that the complexity of the towing operation creates an uncertain arrival time in Mobile.'

The company said concerned family members of passengers can call 888-290-5095 or 305-406-5534.

On Wednesday all Carnival Triumph Triumph voyages through April 13 had been canceled.

Carnival says guests who have had their trips canceled will get a full refund. They will also be eligible for a 15 percent or 25 percent discount on any future cruise.

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