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NEW ORLEANS -- Tuesday, the 9- and 10-year-old New Orleans Lady Raiders pressed on with a basketball practice in Gentilly, but their coach, Murphy Anderson, said frustration is growing after the cancellations of numerous NORD Commission games.

'The referees that officiate the games have basically walked off the job because they haven't been paid,' Anderson said. 'NORDC hasn't paid these guys since football season.'

Anderson said the referees had simply had enough of the delays a situation that has left the players with disappointment.

'They just wanna play and my daughter was very upset due to the fact that they couldn't play a full game because of the fact that there (were) no referees,' said Bryan Domingue, a parent.

We called NORDC for answers Tuesday, but someone referred us to the city communications office.

A city spokesman said there has been a problem with the system that prints the paychecks since the beginning of the year. He said NORDC has now arranged to have the payments expedited through City Hall.

In the meantime, Anderson said he understands the referees' decision.

'I hope these guys get paid. They deserve to be paid,' he said. 'The kids are saying, 'Well coach, what's going on?' I don't know what's going on. All I know is, we're not playing. When are we gonna play? I can't answer that question either.'

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