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It was hard work for a dedicated crew, drilling a hole through a concrete floor, and digging a path for a drainage pipe. But it was part of a bathroom re-design that was the answer to a prayer for David Davidson.

'It's tremendous. I just tell you, it's just, I get to take a shower again. That's exciting in itself,' said David Davidson, a Franklinton resident.

In an Action Report in January, the 65-year old Vietnam era Army medic now uses a wheelchair or walker after major surgery to remove a huge tumor. It also forced doctors to amputate his left leg and half of his pelvis.

David now lives with his daughter Tracy, but his doctor asked the Action Line for help after seeing David try to get inside the home's two bathrooms.

'I was shocked, because there's no way for him to get in the bathroom, whatsoever,' said Dr. Scott Delacroix, LSUHSC urologic oncologist.

'I take sponge baths, that's all I can do,' said Davidson.

But they weren't prepared for the outpouring of support after that first Action Report.

'We were overwhelmed and blessed by all the feedback we got, and we're still getting, daily we're getting phone calls and emails,' said Tracy Cooper, Davidson's daughter.

'Then I had one friend from Tasmania. Can you believe that?' said David.

A lot of people called and emailed the Action Line offering to help, but when the Volunteers of America got in touch with us, they came right over here, and they couldn't believe it when they saw the conditions Mr. Davidson was living in, that he couldn't even get into the home's bathroom.

'Then when he told me he was outside using the hose to take a shower, that just blew my mind,' said Payne Diaz, of Volunteers of America. So the Volunteers of America Repairs on Wheels program went to work.

'We're going to install a 48 inch walk-in handicapped shower in this bathroom, we're going to widen this doorway for Mr. Davidson. He'll have complete accessibility,' said Diaz.

And one week later, David Davidson had a redesigned bathroom with an accessible shower.

'Like I told you, there's nothing that makes you feel better than having a good shower,' said David.

And so many people have offered to help that they're working to build an extra room, a bedroom, so Tracy no longer has to sleep on the couch because she gave her room to her dad.

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