Bill Capo / Eyewitness News
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HARVEY, La. - In less than fifteen minutes, the hail storm caused significant damage to a large section of the Woodmere Subdivision in Harvey, with hail-stones large enough to frighten residents.

'It was Biblical,' exclaimed Andrew Dike. 'I mean the hail was just pouring down in a torrent, the rain and the hail at the same time. Anything from golf ball size to aggie marble size.'

Andrew Dike 's cell phone captured the size of one of the hail-stones that shredded trees and foliage, drummed on rooftops, and smashed into homes and cars from Avondale to Terrytown.

'Those ice cubes were huge,' said Anthony Spillers. 'I'd say they were like about half an inch or something, and as you can see the results, the windshield is all cracked up.'

'All the shutters are damaged,' added Caz Alexander. 'We had our glass table in the back, that's broken.'

And if you're in the hail zone, make sure you get your roof checked. He put this up after Isaac, right? Willie Lockett: That's right. When did it start leaking? Last night. When the hail struck? That's right.'

Stacy Hartford still can't believe how fast her car windows were smashed.

'Couldn't do absolutely nothing but stand there and watch my car get beat up,' said Stacy Hartford. 'Now you're on the phone with the insurance agents? On the phone with the insurance agents.'

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