METAIRIE, La. - Two Jefferson Parish councilmen have requested that the state legislature call off the scheduled May vote to renew tolls on the Crescent City Connection.

The request, from Councilmen Chris Roberts and Elton Lagasse, says that 'the only way to determine the ability of the state to meet its obligations (on the bridge) is to allow the bridge to run without a dedicated revenue source. We are anxious to see how this works out for everyone.'

The paper-thin margin of victory that renewed tolls was nullified last week when a judge ruled that several people that were given provisional ballots were deprived of the right to vote on the tolls issue. The issue failed by a margin of 36 votes.

Tolls were no longer being collected as of last Thursday.

The councilmen said they still want some projects that were to be addressed with CCCtoll money to be looked at.

'This does not diminish the need to address the neglected condition of the Harvey Tunnel or traffic at Manhattan Blvd and Barataria Blvd. These projects will remain a priority for Jefferson Parish and given the assurances we expect them to come to fruition.'

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