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NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans finds itself in a sobering spot on top of a national study on gun violence.

Based on a 10-year, state-by-state analysis, Louisiana has the highest rate of gun violence in the country, according to The Center for American Progress.

Between 2001 and 2010, Louisiana had the highest rate of women killed by guns, a stat that did not come as a surprise to workers at a local women's shelter who said just recently a woman escaped a deadly attack.

'Just sort of a typical evening dispute escalated really quickly and so he went for the gun and although herself and her sister did survive, two of her family members were injured and one was fatal,' said Elizabeth McDermott of the Metro Center for Women and Children.

'I've been doing this for about four years, and the first year I did it the numbers were like in the 30s. Every year the numbers seem to climb,' said Darlene Santana, executive director of the Metro Center for Women and Children.

The study also pointed out that Louisiana has the fifth-weakest gun laws in the country, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

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