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NEWORLEANS-- The road to Jazz Fest this year will take some to the St. Augustine High School parking lot.

Twenty-five dollars includes a van ride to the fest, and it funds alumni Cornerstone Club scholarships.

'We're trying to get at least six more scholarships under our wings, so we got a chance to do something this weekend and next weekend,' said St. Augustine Cornerstone Club President Willard Frederick.

When asked if hot dog prices beat Jazz Fest? 'One dollar, that's it, everything's a dollar,' said Frederick.

For $30 you can park across Esplanade from Jazz Fest, where the Cabrini High School Dads' Club has an elaborate operation.

'It helps the school grow,' pointed out Cabrini Dads' Club President Keith Cavanagh, noting the funds raised go to the school's operating budget. 'Air conditioners break, things need replacing, so all of that comes in handy when you have an aging infrastructure, all this little extra helps. 'We have the best fun. this is what we work for all year round.'

There's a stage, music, and plenty of food.

'Three types of sausage, we've got Italian, we've got smoked, we've got hot, we've got burgers, we've got dogs, we've got chili, we've got pork and beans,' said the Dads' Club's Tommy Metz.

'We were like , this looks like a good spot,' laughed Doris and Jim Talley ofCovington. 'And how good did it turn out to be? It turned out wonderful.'

Now let me give you a little secret. When Jazz Fest ends, those who have to come back here to pick up their cars, well, Eddie the DJ's here, the food's here, the party continues.

'I've got one more year here, but I'll always be a Cabrini Alumni Dad,' smiled Metz. 'This is what we love to do.'

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