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NEWORLEANS- One woman was killed and four others were hospitalized after a car headed east on Interstate-10 hydroplaned and went into westbound traffic, striking a tour bus carrying fifth-grade students from a Florida elementary school.

The car's driver, whose name has not been released, died at the scene. No one on the tour bus full of 42 school children and their chaperones was badly injured. The NOPDsaid three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. A firefighter at the scene suffered a minor hand injury.

'The eastbound driver lost control .... It (the car) missed the first two buses -- we were in the third -- and our bus driver couldn't stop because she was she directly in front of us and we slammed into it with a busload full of kids heading to New Orleans. The bus driver saved our lives,' said Ken Mara, a teacher from Walker Elementary School from Florida.

Traffic was halted in both directions on I-10 between Michoud Boulevard and the Twin Spans, a delay that has lasted close to two hours as of 12 p.m.

According to a teacher who was riding on the tour bus, the bus that was struck was one of three carrying students from Walker Elementary in Crestview, Fla. The car that entered the westbound lanes missed the first two buses and slammed into the third.

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