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BUSH, La. -- A Hazmat crew was called out to Hwy. 21 after a traffic accident involving a tanker between the Bush and Waldheim area.

If you're in the area, you should avoid Hwy. 21 and Lavinghouse Road until the situation is resolved. Traffic detours are at Fairgrounds Road and Hwy. 40.

Police say the tanker didn't react to a car in front of it stopping, possibly to turn, so in an attempt to avoid hitting that car, which it avoided, it lost control and overturned into a ditch.

There is nothing leaking at this time, although it does contain caustic soda, which can be an inhalation hazard.

Hazmat is on the scene and is monitoring the clean-up and situation.

Expect traffic delays for some time on Hwy. 21 between Bush and Waldheim.

Officials say there were 3500 gallons of sodium hydroxide in the overturned tanker. An offload vehicle has begun the transfer of chemicals before putting the tanker upright.

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