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NEW ORLEANS -- A New Orleans taxi cab driver is behind bars on charges that he raped a passenger, and upgrades to the city's taxi cabs are credited with helping detectives make an arrest.

'I feel like there is double justice that is going to be served here, and the camera was the first judge,' said N'Awlins Cabs President Sheree Kerner.

Five days after police say a woman was raped by a taxi cab driver Uptown, GPS tracking systems and video footage are being applauded for helping police break the case.

'Twenty different cabs were identified using the GPS system that were in the area at the time,' said NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

The NOPD now says one of those cabs was driven by 40-year-old Sohail Khan. Detectives say the Yellow Cab driver picked up the 20-year-old victim last Thursday morning at a business on Tchoupitoulas Street.

The woman told police she passed out in the backseat, only to wake up and find the cabbie sexually assaulting her.

Police say video evidence led detectives to her attacker.

'We brought those individuals in, reviewed the video footage and that's how we were able to solve the case,' said Malachi Hull of the City of New Orleans Taxi Cab Bureau.

We put in a call to Yellow Cab and a man who identified himself as general manager said that the company was contacted by the Taxi Cab Bureau. He wouldn't comment on Khan's arrest.

'I think this is a total win for the community. Total vindication for City Hall. I'm excited about it,' Kerner said.

Kerner's brother Billy was murdered driving a cab in New Orleans.

Since then, Kerner has been a supporter of upgrading the city's cabs to make them safer for both passengers and drivers.

'I think drivers and passengers are going to start getting the idea that they need to act a little bit like they're in church when they get into a taxi cab, which is more appropriate then the behavior we've been seeing,' she said.

Kahn is being charged with second-degree kidnapping and simple rape.

The NOPD says the 40-year-old has a criminal arrest record in Jefferson Parish for getting into a fight with a patron, and in New Jersey for loitering for prostitution.

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