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NEWORLEANS - On Tuesday morning, a massive manhunt was underway for the suspect in Sunday's second line shooting. Barely a day after the incident, New Orleans Police Department identified the shooter as Akein Scott, 19.

Police believe Scott is the man who injured 19 people when he opened fire on a crowd of hundreds in the Seventh Ward. Authorities already searched several addresses looking for him but have had no luck so far.

A multiple law enforcement agencies are participating in the search for Scott. Monday evening, Superintendent Ronal Serpas identified Scott as the suspect in the shooting. 'The time has come for him to turn himself in,' Serpas said Monday evening.

Scott is no stranger to the criminal justice system and was out on bond at the time of the shooting.

According to Orleans Parish Criminal Court records, he was arrested in March for resisting an officer, illegal carrying of weapons and possession of heroin. All of the charges ended up being refused.

In addition, Scott was charged with the illegal carrying a weapon with a controlled dangerous substance. Scott was released on a $15,000 bond on April 29.

In an appearance on the Eyewitness Morning Show, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said it is time for the city to move beyond its violent ways. 'The community has to say, and mean it, in every fabric of our being, that this kind of behavior by a young man like Akein Scott is not something that we are going to tolerate. Period.'

The mass shooting has resonated across the community with calls to end the violence that has plagued New Orleans.

'Last Sunday, Mother's Day, that was like your mother saying, 'I'm not taking no more. You have to get it together or get out of my house,' Edward Buckner, of the Original Big 7 Social Aid & Pleasure Club, said. The shooting occurred at the Big 7's Mother's Day second line.

Serpas explained how they were able to identify Scott.

'We have multiple identifications of Akein Scott as the shooter that you see in that film that we released this morning, Our SWAT team with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals served a search warrant in the 3600 block of South Roman Street late (Monday) evening looking for Akein Scott and any evidence which may link him to the crime,' Serpas said in a press conference on Monday evening.

Anyone with information that can help police find Scott should call Crimestoppers at 822-1111. There is a reward of $10,000 reward associated with the case.

Out of those that were hospitalized after the shooting, five victims have been released. One is at Tulane in fair condition.

Four are at University. One is stabilized and not in the ICU. The other three are in critical condition and facing many more surgeries for internal organ damage and several weeks in the hospital.

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