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NEW ORLEANS - Outside a small church in Algiers, a cross marks the spot where Kendrell 'Cat' Glover was gunned down Friday night.

Saturday, the pastor prayed with a grieving mother at the nearby home she shared with her daughter.

'Now I got to go put her to rest,' cried Cynthia Glover. 'I lay my kid to rest.'

Kendrell Glover would have turned 30 on Sunday.

Family members say Glover was walking home from a friend's house when two men in a black Nissan Titan pulled up. One man got out and shot Glover, who fell to the ground. But that wasn't the end of it.

Glover's mother said the gunman stood over her daughter, ultimately firing eight shots. Cynthia Glover heard every single one.

'He showed my child no mercy. None,' said Glover. 'She walked out of that door, and in less than 20 minutes my child was dead. My kid was dead.'

This is the second time Cynthia Glover will bury one of her children. Her son was murdered 16 years ago. And in the close knit community, the pastor of Greater Cypress Grove Missionary Baptist Church says the violence has to stop.

'Prayer, prayer, the more prayer we put it the more garbage we put out,' said Rev. Bryan Johnson, Sr.

Kendrell Glover was one of three people murdered Friday night in New Orleans. She's remembered as a mama's girl with a big personality.

'Everybody knew Cat. Everybody liked Cat,' said Cynthia Glover.

'You couldn't miss her, she would talk loud, someone would make her mad, you would know about it,' said Johnson. 'But when she would pass the church, she would always make the sign of the cross.'

And from a grieving mother, this message.

'Rest on baby, take your rest. Save a spot for me. Save a spot for me,' said Cynthia Glover.

Family members say the black Nissan Titan had a Saints sticker on the back. If you have any information, call police or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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