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Charles Williams loves his small garden, and can almost taste the tomatoes that will soon grow on the young plants next to his back fence.

But he's at risk because a large section of the long abandoned house next door is falling towards his home.

'I like growing my vegetables,' Charles grinned 'See I grow mustard greens.. Are you worried it's going to fall on you? I know. I took the 4x4 and propped the wall up to keep it from going into my yard.'

But he knows the wall will fall. So he watches the plants with one eye, and the failing wall with the other.

'See that, all that,' Williams pointed out, 'It's going to come over in my yard. Lookright on the edge of the top, is what is going to come over here by me.'

The entire house is a wreck, most of the roof gone, ceilings and walls disintegrated. But there is still furniture inside. Williams' daughter brought pictures to City Hall, seeking help.

'She showed it to them, and they gave her the pictures back, and they said OK. That was it. When was that? That's been three years ago.'

Charles Williams knows even with this here, it's a matter of time before parts of this structure fall onto his property. So I contacted the City, asked them to declare this an emergency, and get it down as quickly as possible. The next day, they sent inspectors out here.

'They would not talk to me. I had to talk to them, and show them. They were going to leave, if I didn't tell them to come back, I want to show you something. Did they tell you they'd take care of it? No.'

So I again asked the mayor's office to help Charles Williams, before he gets hurt in his garden.

'The first real high wind we get, that whole side is going to come down,' Williams worried. I'll let you know what happens.

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