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Kevin Vidal takes care of his 94-year old mother, who uses a walker. So he has been asking the City for two years to set up a Handicapped Parking Space in front of his door.

'I was shunned away on two separate occasions in 2011, and 2012,' saidVidal. 'They said it doesn't make sense to fill it out, we're backlogged, we're not putting those up. So I then went to the City Council.'

The signs were installed last week. But Kevin was stunned, saying they are so close together his truck won't fit between them.

'Oh man, I was furious, because it actually made the situation worse,' Kevin complained. 'I mean it took like about six to eight feet away that I have for range of motion, so I can't fit in between the posts.'

City workers actually placed one sign in the middle of a driveway. Kevin struggles not to hit the utility pole, or his fence, and ends up with the front of his truck sticking out into the street.

'You can see there's a dent in the fence right now. I already had problems before, but now it's unbelievable.'

But he said City workers were unconcerned.

'I want them to move it, just move it up, but what the City is telling me, 'Well, you can just park parallel to it.''

Since our first visit last week, I've been emailing the City asking what solutions will they find? Well, here's the email I got from the Mayor's office yesterday: 'The Department of Public Works... is looking for ways to reasonably accommodate his request for a larger parking space.'

Now is this rocket science? Or does it simply mean moving this sign right here, five feet away, to the end of the driveway. It also clears the driveway. But will the City actually do this? I'll let you know what happens.

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