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NEWORLEANS - Anyone that has passed by the Saenger lately may have noticed that it still looks like there is a lot of work to be done. However, theater representatives said not to worry, because they will be back in business soon.

It's been eight years since the doors of the historic theater were open, but that will change in fall when the construction is finally complete. The Saenger is undergoing a $52 million renovation.

It will have state of the art features. And while the focus is on the brand new, the Saenger's history is not being pushed aside. A big part of the renovation is restoring the theater to its original 1927 design.

Jerry Seinfeld will be the first entertainer to grace the stage. The great thing about the line-up is that it really has something for everyone, officials said. Comedians D.L. Hughley and Eddie Griffin, Diana Ross and Bonnie Raitt will perform.

The theater's general manager, David Skinner, tells us the return of the Saenger goes beyond just entertainment.

'The Saenger plays an important role in New Orleans. Everybody in New Orleans has a memory of the Saenger. It's their their first date, first concert, first Broadway play. So it means a lot to everybody in the community, and we're excited about bringing it back online,' Skinner said.

Jeslyn Donnell is excited for the line-up. She said, 'I think its great. It's good for the New Orleans community. I'm looking forward to seeing them.'

Full line-up heading to the Saenger this fall.

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