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METAIRIE, La. -- Two dozen teenagers and adults scrambled around the Bourgeois house in Metairie, spending the week in New Orleans, helping residents with home repairs they can't handle.

'I've sanded, I've painted, I've stained, I've lifted dirt, I've done a lot, pressure washed,' said 18 year old Joseph Berrios of Atlanta, Georgia. 'You're tired? I am, but it's good to help others.'

They call themselves the World Changers, a faith-based initiative to make those changes one house at a time.

'We're helping these people, we're helping the city of New Orleans, people who need help,' said adult volunteer Richard Isidori of Houston. 'We're also trying to teach these young people values of giving back to others.'

Two hundred World Changers are cleaning, painting and repairing 25 homes.

They each paid nearly $300 to make the trip, they work all day, so where do they sleep? No five star hotel, but in a sleeping bag, on an air mattress, on the floor of a school classroom.

And they're still loving it.

'If you don't look too closely, you won't see the cockroaches or anything of that sort, but we're very grateful for the accommodations that we do have,' said Joseph.

Homeowners Eli and Linda Bourgeois said thanks New Orleans style, serving red beans and rice for lunch, moved to tears by the help.

'It's touching to see what people can do for you,' said Linda, as she choked back tears.

'You know what it proves?' said Eli. 'There are good kids out there.'

But the crew ate fast. There was more work to do.

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