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HARVEY, La. -- A number of people gathered for a prayer vigil in honor of 6-year-old Ahlittia North.

Deputies found North's body Tuesday morning in a dumpster. They had been searching for her since she vanished Friday night.

This has touched the heart of the community. Dozens of people have placed stuffed animals at a growing memorial for North by her apartment.

North's mother, Lisa North, was inconsolable at the memorial. She cried out, 'Why did they have to take my baby?'

Community members prayed with Ahlittia's parents.

Her murder has touched the heart of the community as people continue to honor her memory near the apartment where she lived.

The man wanted for her murder is 20-year-old Matthew Flugence. He lives next door to where the memorial is set up. North lived five buildings away from him.

North's stepfather, Albert Hill, spoke for the first time since her body was found. He said he felt sick when he learned North had been murdered and that his nephew was his prime suspect.

He said he has no doubt his nephew killed her.

'No, I haven't talked to my sister yet, but she's scared and thinks he didn't do it,' Hill said. 'Well, everything's pointing to him, so you can't have no choice but to believe it's him.'

Hill said he hasn't spoken to his nephew in several weeks. He said he had no idea that Flugence was wanted for the alleged sexual battery of an 11-year-old in a separate case. He said if he had known that, he would never have allowed his nephew around his family.

Hill also said he recently spoke to his other nephew, Russell Flugence, and he said his nephew gave no indication he knew anything about this crime.

If you know Flugence's whereabouts, call Crimestoppers at 822-1111. You could receive a $6,500 reward.

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