Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter
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METAIRIE, La. Kenny Vaccaro spent the past four years chasing down Big XII quarterbacks, barely having time to get set before Texas' opponents snapped the ball.

So Friday night, when NFL officials stood over the ball, allowing the Saints' defensive coaches to match Kansas City's offensive substitutions before allowing the play to start, Vaccaro was stoked.

'Coming from the Big XII, the tempo offenses all the time, to get a breather between each snap was wonderful for me,' the rookie said. 'I'm not used to that. In college I was play after play after play no-huddle.'

In other words, Vaccaro felt like Friday night was slower in comparison to the college game.

Vaccaro finished with a team-high six tackles and, partially because of the tempo, felt the game was a little slower than he expected.

'I really thought it'd be a lot more faster,' Vaccaro said. 'But I was prepared and it kind of slowed down in front of me as the game went on.'

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