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NEW ORLEANS -- People lined up to adopt some of the more than 200 hens seized in a New Orleans East cockfighting raid last week.

It was a fraction of the more than 600 birds taken.

Lacombe resident Joseph Darby knows chickens, but he didn't think he'd ever be going to the La. SPCA to get them. He took 27 back to Lacombe Monday.

His new hens are some of the 235 seized from an alleged cockfighting operation in New Orleans East last week.

Trinh Tran, 47, bonded out of jail, after facing a charge of felony cruelty to animals and aggravated felony cruelty to animals.

In all, the La. SPCA had to remove 624 birds. Some are now being housed in storage building at their West bank headquarters.

'Last week, we reached out to a number of rescue groups of farm animal sanctuaries and we were unable to find placements for any of the roosters,' said Anna Zorrilla, CEO of the La. SPCA.

The La. SPCA said Monday they had to euthanize the more than 350 roosters that were seized.

'We're not able to sustain the level of care that's needed. They are aggressive animals and we have no placements for them. So, euthanasia seemed like the most humane decision we can make,' Zorrilla said.

The hens in good health will all hopefully find good homes. Roosters are illegal in Orleans Parish. Different neighborhoods allow you to have different numbers of hens depending on zoning laws.

But 5-year-old Lily Congemi wanted to come help.

'I wanted to get more chickens,' she said.

'It was the story behind them. And we figured there weren't gonna be a lot of people adopting chickens, so, I was wrong, but we thought we had room for two more so we decided to come get some,' said Lily's Mother, Pam Congemi

The Congemis are adding two to their existing flock of four, and Lily couldn't be more excited. She named their two new chickens Pinky and Star.

To adopt the hens, people have to show proof that they have appropriate places to house them and that they can comply with local zoning laws.

At the close of business Monday, 98 had been adopted out.

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