In a long, detailed and stinging report, Sports Illustrated chronicled what they say were multiple cases of players at Oklahoma State University receiving 'cash handshakes' and payments in envelopes from boosters during a decade or so, including years when Les Miles was head coach.

The report never alleges that Miles had knowledge of any wrongdoing, but it does say that boosters were given more access to players, including in locker rooms on team flights and at training tables under Miles.

The magazine states that Miles denies any cash payments being made and said that boosters had less access and not more, to players during his tenure.

The Advocate quotes Miles as saying that nothing was done wrong on his watch. 'Let me tell you this, we have always done things right,' Miles said. 'I really enjoyed my time at Oklahoma State. I felt like I met a lot of wonderful people and made our football team better. We worked hard. It has never been a place you have to cheat to have success.'

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