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NEWORLEANS- Following a guilty plea Wednesday by one of his two co-defendants, the second of three teenagers accused in a Garden District kidnapping and rape accepted his own plea deal Friday.

Christopher Davis, 18, was accused of being the driver as a 30-year-old woman was being raped repeatedly in the back seat of her car, which was commandeered at gunpoint as she walked in her neighborhood.

Davis was sentenced on the spot to 35 years in prison after pleaded guilty to four counts of forcible rape, one count of armed robbery and one count of second-degree kidnapping. He could have faced a life sentence if convicted on his original charges of aggravated rape and aggravated kidnapping.

Criminal Court Judge Franz Ziblich told Davis he was getting off easy considering the shocking circumstances of the crime.

Davis and two juveniles, both of whom were charged as adults, were accused of forcing the victim into her car, then sexually assaulting her for about an hour as they drove around the city. During the attack she was forced to stop at several ATMs and withdraw money. At the end of the attack, police said she was pushed out of the moving vehicle.

Davis' plea came two days after his co-defendant Sheldon Jefferson, 16, accepted a 30-year sentence in a plea deal that required him to cooperate with prosecutors. Jefferson, who was 15 when the crime occurred, allegedly gave police a full confession after his mother turned him when she recognized his photograph from one of the ATM robberies.

The remaining defendant, 17-year-old Joseph Davis, is scheduled to appear in court Monday for a pre-trial conference. Davis' attorney, Robert Jenkins, did not return calls for comment.

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