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NEW ORLEANS -- David Chase and his partner, Adikus Sulpici, believe they were savagely attacked in the Marigny because they are gay.

Chase was unconscious when his attackers fled from the 1400 block of Bourbon Street on July 7. He was hospitalized with with two black eyes, a fractured nose and possibly fractured ribs.

'I got kicked in the face many times,' he said.

Chase and his partner say two men attacked them from behind, knocking them unconscious. Sulpici awoke first and saw the unthinkable.

'By the time I saw David and what was going on, the attacker basically had him on the ground unconscious, was heeling him in the face, basically saying, 'All you f--- f---- need to die,'' said Sulpici.

Sulpici said he fought off his own attacker and screamed until his partner's assailant ran off. He was later able to identify one of the alleged perpetrators, who was arrested. Police also captured the second alleged perpetrator.

Both are charged with simple robbery and committing a hate crime.

It's one of three alleged hate crimes against gays in the French Quarter, Marigny and CBD this summer.

And that's why Sulpici and Chase spoke out against intolerance Tuesday night at an event hosted by the Forum for Equality and the Anti-Defamation League at the Jewish Community Center.

'I hope that this noise, this amount of conversation, will start leading into the homes of people,' said Sulpici.

'I don't think this is a new thing. I think that people's understanding of what a hate crime is is what's new. People are speaking out against it. They're not hiding in fear,' said SarahJane Brady, executive director of the Forum for Equality.

The forum was aimed at educating the community on their rights, as well as how a hate crime is defined in legal terms, both federally and in Louisiana.

Police say another incident happened during Decadence Festival, an annual LGBT celebration in New Orleans. Police say they arrested five teens for allegedly using homosexual slurs before shooting a man with a paintball gun.

'It's just something that we don't tolerate and they will be charged with a hate crime, which is a lot stiffer sentence than anything else,' said 8th District Commander Jeff Walls.

Police are also still searching for the person who committed another hate crime in the 600 block of Julia Street in early August. The person tagged a hateful slur on an apartment and stole a pride flag.

If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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