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PEARL RIVER, La. - Since 2004, hospital visits have been a major part of what the Pullens family in Pearl River has had to deal with.

'He got headaches real, real bad and they carried him to the emergency room and found out he had a massive brain tumor,' said Trisha Pullens of her husband Dewayne.

The tumor can't be removed, only reduced, and Dewayne Pullens has had chemotherapy over and over, coupled with four brain surgeries, the most recent two months ago.

'He had to learn how to walk, talk, everything all over again,' she said.

'We can't go to the softball field with him anymore, because he can't throw the ball because he's left-handed,' said 12-year-old Katie Pullens.

But daughters Katie and 9-year-old Whitney have been their daddy's biggest champions and their latest show of support kicked off last weekend.

'My mom was talking to my Grammy about my dad's chemo and so I went outside and I sell lemonade,' saidWhitney.

The goal of the lemonade stand is to pay for chemo treatments that cost more than $800 every six weeks, on top of the travel expenses to get the treatments at M.D. Anderson in Texas. The treatments are not for a cure, because there isn't one. It's simply for time and that's what these girls are raising money for.

'I'm very proud,' said Dewayne Pullens.

Trisha said, 'It's stressful, but at the same point you have to be grateful of what you have. So we're grateful that we have two wonderful girls who think so highly of their dad that they did this.'

The girls raised a whopping $600 in their first weekend of lemonade sales and they're hoping to do better with the creation of a Facebook page and theme for their effort, Lemonade for Life.'

'We've been making different signs and like it has more stuff on it because somebody made up the idea of Lemonade for Life,' said Whitney.

The girls plan to continue their lemonade stand in front of their grandparents' home on Josephine Street in Pearl River every weekend. If you'd like to help, but can't make it to their stand, visit

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