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COVINGTON, La. -- A Northshore middle school student is facing aggravated battery charges after an altercation near a Covington school that sent another student to the hospital.

Yards away from Pineview Middle School in Covington is an area where students often gather before classes start each morning. But Tuesday, it was considered a crime scene.

'We responded yesterday morning to an incident that was off-campus at one of our schools. And a juvenile subject was injured,' said Covington Interim Police Chief Jack West.

Police say the altercation involved a small pair of paper scissors and the injury was actually a minor cut which the juvenile was treated for and then released the same day.

But despite the incident being considered an accident, one of the students was arrested.

'The charges are still going to be aggravated battery because one of the juveniles armed themselves,' said West.

The school district says it sent letters home with every student to alert parents to the off-campus incident, but one parent tells Eyewitness News that wasn't enough.

The parent, who did not want to be identified, said, 'They can contact you if a child is absent or tardy through the automated system, but when something of this proportion happens, there's no contact at all. I'm very upset.'

And she's hoping this small incident may lead to a big change.

'I want my child safe at all times and I want to know what's going on at the school,' she said.

The district says appropriate disciplinary action has been taken regarding the student facing criminal charges.

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