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NEWORLEANS-- Lakeview neighbors woke up to a huge mess on Memphis Street between Filmore and Porteous. Water and raw sewerage pouring out of several breaks under the street.

The breaks sent sewer water cascading from the front of Jeff Gosciniak's yard in the 6600 block of Memphis.

'We came out at 6 in the morning to pick up the paper and, as you can hear in the background, we heard the raging rapids out in the street. So we called in about 6:01 a.m.,' said Gosciniak.

The Sewerage and Water Board responded and had the flow of water and sewerage stopped by about 9:30 a.m.

Gosciniak says neighbors called each other to get their vehicles off the street before the dirty flood water got too high.

'It definitely has undercut our driveway. It's undercut our front yard. The question is, how much more damage will it do to the streets, which weren't in the best of shape to begin with.'

The S&WB determined that the flooding was caused by a break in a 24-inch wide sewer force main.

'It's going to take a bit of time until we make the excavation to understand what we're looking at, what we've got -- a small break on the line or whether we need to put a whole section of pipe in,' said S&WB spokesman Robert Jackson.

Jackson says the break did not cause any loss of service.

'Nobody is actually impacted by it, because it's not going to effect anybody's services. It will be as if they are unaware of what's going on here, other than the fact that they'll see the crews out here working.'

Lakeview neighbors say this is not an isolated incident. Many streets in the neighborhood are caving in because the pipes below are failing.

'Friday, we had a problem up at Bragg and Memphis, where they had a flooding issue, that wasn't quite this bad,' said Gosciniak. 'It was definitely drinking water cause it was a lot clearer water than what's pumping out today.'

Neighbors are now calling on city leaders to come up with a long-term plan the fix the streets and pipes.

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