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NEW ORLEANS -- Shelley Beck and Bobby Simmons are fighting to get help for their mothers, who are neighbors in Algiers who have long sought to have this wreck of a house just across their back fences torn down.

'We've been trying desperately for years. My brother, myself and my mom would call the 311 number,' said daughter Shelley Beck.

'Right now it's a big danger to everybody, and there's all types of snakes in there right now,' said son Bobby Simmons.

The house is collapsing and the yard is badly overgrown.

'At one time people used to go in there,' Simons said, 'but now it is to the point the grass has grown so high, you can't go in it anymore unless you're going to fight through the jungle.'

Beck said, 'I'm afraid it's gonna fall on the fence, or fall on the garage, and my mother might be trapped in there.'

The city's BlightStatus website notes the house was inspected last year, and again this spring. But when a hearing was held on the eight violations found, and a guilty verdict issued, Beck said she was stunned when told there were no plans to demolish the structure.

'The guy basically told me the only thing they could do is come out and cut the grass, but they couldn't come out and cut the grass because they already did it in February,' Beck said.

That hearing was held in early June. Now, nearly four months later, nothing has been done here, as she's been told.

The question is, why hasn't City Hall taken action here? I'll be asking them that.

'It needs to come down,' Beck said.

A spokesman for the mayor said the city is now starting the demolition process, but did not say when it would happen

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