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NEW ORLEANS -- Be extra careful when you turn off South Carrollton Avenue onto Olive Street, because you don't want to run into a gaping hole.

It is 2 feet wide and about 7 feet long, almost cutting across an entire driving lane. It is up to a foot deep, and at the bottom, there's a water leak.

Drivers stopped to say something needs to be done.

'It is horrible, because when it floods when it rains, it actually floods and no one can come through there,' Paula Perry said. 'I don't know how many cars have been damaged.'

Drivers face the choice of bouncing through the hole and possibly damaging their cars, or trying to go around it and end up in the opposite lane facing oncoming traffic, a hazardous situation.

'I wish they would fix that hole,' Joyce Gilbert said. 'It's tearing apart my car. You see it's an expensive car. The mayor was supposed to do something, but he won't do it.'

'It started corroding maybe about a year and a half,' said Perry.

Now, you'd think the Sewerage & Water Board would react before so much time has passed that people start putting bricks in the hole to lessen the chance that cars get damaged if they hit it.

Well, I'll be asking the water board to get out here, fix the leak and repave the hole.

Over a week later, you can see the only change is the warning cones placed in the hole to alert drivers, but it is still a traffic hazard as cars try to avoid it. I again asked the Sewerage & Water Board to protect drivers by fixing it. I'll let you know what happens.

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