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Slidell, La. -- The new Federal education standards known as Common Core, are stirring up a big argument around the nation, and locally in Louisiana.

The standards have been in existence for a while and are now becoming an issue because they are just recently being put into effect across the country.

Common core refers to a set of standards that are intended to provide clear goals for what students are expected to learn, and include a series of benchmarks in English and Math that all students will have to meet by the next school year.

The standards apply to students from kindergarten through 12th.

Before these standards were set, states came up with education benchmarks that were unique to each and every state.

Common Core tries to make sure all students, nationally, are on the same level, and was created by Governors from across the nation as well as education commissioners.

45 states have adopted the Common Core standards.

It is important to remember that although they are referred to as Federal or National education standards, they were not created by the Federal Government. They are referred to as this only because the majority of states have chosen to adopt them, and they are aimed at being a national set of standards.

In addition, Common Core does not instruct teachers how to teach, but it does require some specific content. For example, in English, classic myths and Shakespeare are included in the curriculum, in Math, the basics such as whole numbers, addition, subtraction, and decimals must be taught.

In 2014, there will be testing to correspond with the Common Core standards, after they take full effect.

Many parents and teachers are opposed to the new school standards and they have been causing quite a controversy locally.

Because of the local controversy, State Representative Kevin Pearson will be holding a town hall meeting at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, in the Slidell City Council Chambers, to hear from voters on the issue.

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