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BATON ROUGE, La. - The state Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit has learned that some Road Home grant recipients have received letters that offer assistance in making homeowners compliant, but these letters are NOT from the Road Home.

'It's important for our grant recipients to know that these letters are out there, but they have nothing to do with our program,' said Pat Forbes, Executive Director of the Louisiana Office of Community Development. 'It's a shame that someone is trying to trick homeowners in this way, while we're doing everything we can to get as many Road Home recipients back in their homes as possible.'

Letters from the 'Louisiana Recovery Campaign' claim to have set up a 'Recovery Department' to help homeowners in becoming compliant. The letter contains a 'Tracking ID' number which looks similar to a Road Home identification number.

Organizations like this are not aware of the Road Home program's policies and procedures and have no authority in the program, so they are not able to bring Road Home grantees into compliance. Even worse, they could cause additional problems for a homeowner who believes he or she is doing the right thing, but is, in fact, risking missing the compliance deadline or delaying additional benefits offered through Action Plan Amendments 58, 59 and 60 because that homeowner is not actually working within the program.

'We are asking any homeowner who receives a letter, phone call or email that seems suspicious to call the Road Home at 1-888-762-3252, extension 2 before taking any action,' Forbes emphasized. 'Our case managers can not only let our grant recipients know if the correspondence is legitimate, but they can also talk with the homeowners about their file status and paths to compliance.'

More Outreach Events have been scheduled, including three in Southwest Louisiana next week. The New Orleans Road Home office at 2021 Lakeshore Drive also has extended weekday hours and are open some Saturdays between now and the Nov. 25 compliance deadline.

Anyone wishing to attend an outreach event or meet with a Road Home staff member at the Lakeshore Drive office is encouraged to call 1-888-762-3252, extension 2, to schedule an appointment.

While walk-ins will be welcomed, homeowners are strongly encouraged to call and make an appointment for the event they wish to attend, as those will be given priority.

The scheduled Outreach Events are listed below. Check here for more information about the outreach events or becoming compliant within the Road Home program.

Saturday, Oct. 26

9a.m. - 3 p.m.

Trinity Lutheran Church 5234 N. Claiborne Ave.

New Orleans, La. 70117

Tuesday, November 5

4 - 8 p.m.

Mary Queen of Vietnam Church 5069 Willowbrook Dr.

New Orleans, LA 70129

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