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METAIRIE, La. Ryan Griffin already has learned Sean Payton's greatest lesson.

The more vague you are, the better off you'll be.

Griffin, the former Tulane quarterback, was bumped to the Saints' active roster Tuesday and a day later, kind of, sort of, nearly talked about the move.

'Teams are interested and I'm not going to talk about the details of the whole deal,' Griffin said when asked if staying in New Orleans was his choice.

He then was asked if he was happy staying with the Saints, to which he answered, 'There was a plethora of reason, all of which are positive.'

And that's as far as he would go in answering those questions.

Griffin, who signed with New Orleans as an undrafted rookie free agent, went 32 of 59 for a team-high 380 yards in the preseason, tossing two touchdowns and only one interception. He took just one sack.

His demeanor and work ethic certainly gained him fans of the veterans.

'We're sitting back watching the young buck go to work sometimes and it was fun to watch,' Drew Brees said of the veteran quarterbacks in training camp. 'He had the benefit of being in this offense at Tulane last year with (Curtis Johnson) so there was some familiarity there. But still, it's a big change stepping up to the NFL level and the speed of the game and just all those things.

'But I feel like he has handled it well. He's a real composed guy pretty calm, cool, collected.'

Knowing the offense from college helped him, Griffin said. Still, he was cut after preseason and signed on with the team as a member of the practice squad.

It wasn't until the bevy of injuries to quarterbacks in the NFL this past weekend made it a near requirement for the Saints to sign him to the full roster if they were going to keep him around.

'It's a little surreal, considering where I was at last year,' Griffin said. 'I was talking to my parents I was just coming back from an injury at Tulane and where I am now, it's definitely surreal.'

One thing won't change, however.

He'll still be the rookie doing rookie duties.

'He makes great shakes in the weight room and gets donuts when he's supposed to do that,' Brees said. 'Everything is real timely. He has been a good rookie.'

'Anything I can do to help the team win,' Griffin said, adding, 'It makes them happy? I think it's like an endorphin. I'm trying to convince myself of that.'

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