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NEW ORLEANS -- Restoring a sense of community was the theme in Central City on Saturday. Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell, along with public safety officials, put boots the ground and went door-to-door in an effort to restore the public's trust.

'Our communities are suffering,' Cantrell said. 'Our people are dying.'

'She came our here and try to represent and bring a sense of community, bring New Orleans back to where it was at,' said Central City resident Eddie Washington.

The Red Cross and state officials were among the crowd talking with residents and passing out applications for anyone wanting to get behind the badge of the New Orleans Police Department.

'We are handing out the application, asking them to reach out to family members, people they know,' Cantrell said.

In late August, 1-year-old Londyn Samuels was killed after being hit by gunfire in Central City. In the last three years, four young lives have been cut short from violence in the area.

Nearby, the Harmony Neighborhood Development held its weekly market. They too pitched in to bring the community back together.

'It brings a sense of pride to the people out here. It shows us that they care about us. Someone is trying to help us build ourselves,' Washington said.

Charlene Washington works at the market.

'We know that they are friendly and we need them to come out and support us,' Washington said. 'It is a safe environment for them to come out and enjoy their families.'

Cantrell said similar events for other districts are in the works. Community members urged the city to put together more events for support following multiple shootings this year.

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