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The New Orleans Police Department is disputing a Louisiana Legislative Audit that was released Monday that found the NOPD had not reported some serious crimes to state and federal officials in 2012.

The audit found that 319 out of 1000 calls for service, that should have been reported, were not.

The report shows the largest problem area is with 'part one' crimes under the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), such as murder, rape, and aggravated assault.

The Louisiana Legislative auditor found that 186 out of 250 serious crimes reviewed, were not reported because of a computer programming error, and two instances in which a reported crime was 'improperly changed' to a less serious crime.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas says that no one at the NOPD has intentionally downgraded crimes.

In a statement released Monday to Eyewitness News, the police chief's spokeswoman, Remi Braden said:

The auditors make it clear that their findings are not representative of the entire 21,000 UCRs taken last year. The auditors selected 1,000 high-risk cases, and found error with 316 of those. We went back and checked all 21,000 and found less than 2-percent error in scoring crime.

The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement (LCLE) is the panel of law enforcement experts who are the proper panel to evaluate law enforcement agency practices. The Louisiana Legislative Auditor is made up of certified public accountants (CPAs.) I encourage you to visit their website, which will show you that they normally do financial investigations. This is not a panel of law enforcement experts. This was a first-of-its-kind probe for them.

If any NOPD officer is found to have lied about and underreported a crime that officer is terminated. This is made clear to all officers when they attend our academy as recruits.

Over the last 3 years, we have randomly called back more than 10,000 residents to read them the reports taken and make sure the reports were accurate. This is just one of the new check systems we've put in place.

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