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NEW ORLEANS -- Tens of thousands of people headed to City Park last weekend for the 15th Voodoo Music Experience.

It was the festival's first time on the park's new festival grounds, and while Voodoo seemed to be a success, it wasn't without controversy.

The throngs of people at City Park weren't the only ones hearing the music Sunday night, and some residents unhappy about it took to social media to vent.

'Given the fact that we were on a new site, I thought it went pretty well,' said Bob Becker, CEO of New Orleans City Park.

Every year, some New Orleans neighborhoods around City Park get to hear some of the acts from their backyards.

Mary Doucette lives in Lakeview, and she said she hears it every year.

'It was regular but it was a little annoying,' she said about hearing the beats of the music echo in her home.

Our social media accounts lit up Sunday night with people from Mid-City to Metairie, saying they were feeling a bit too much of a good thing.

'I live in Metairie near Dorignac's and the windows of my house were literally rattling,' said one woman in Metairie.

Another said, 'Shaking my bathwater in Lakewood north.'

'This year, we've had under 10 complaints related to it. Not to say that people weren't impacted some way or another by it. But this is the 15th year. I think everybody understands what kind of an event this is,' Becker said.

Voodoo officials didn't return our phone calls for comment. The promoters were issued a special event permit from the city to host the event. It requires sound levels to stay below 115 decibels, the standard maximum for a loud rock concert.

A spokesman for Mayor Mitch Landrieu said Monday he didn't know of any decibel readings taken in response to a complaint.

So, what the levels were Sunday night is unknown.

City Park officials are breaking down what some of the problems might have been in the days after the 15th-annual show. On Monday, Becker said they were thinking it may have been the electronic dance music stage.

'The techno stage was really exceedingly loud. We discussed that with the promoter and asked them to try to turn that down,' he said.

Overall, many residents said they like having a soundtrack one weekend a year with some simply questioning whether the positioning of the EDM stage is a lesson to be learned for next year.

New Orleans police said they did get some noise complaints called in about Voodoo last night from the 3rd Police District and by way of Councilwoman Susan Guidry's office.

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