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NEW ORLEANS -- Everyday parents wait patiently for their child to get off the school bus. None, however, expect to hear their child had a gun pulled on them.

That was the case for one teenager in the Village D'est community in New Orleans East. Police said Wednesday afternoon, a 16-year-old was held at gunpoint for a cell phone

Sanders Hill said he has been on high alert lately. 'Well, the neighborhood is going down a bit. You have a lot of undesirables here, but they don't bother anybody.'

Police said the robbery happened at the corner of Lourdes Street and Charmes Court. Neighborhood association president Edward Blouin said the issue starts with the lack of police presence in the area.

'I think the crime is getting out of hand. We have things like that happen every now and then. I think we need more patrol. We need more community policing.'

Records obtained by Eyewitness Investigates have shown dwindling staffing in the NOPD's eight districts.

One report states four patrol cars were covering the entire 100-square-mile 7th District in eastern New Orleans. That scenario happened several times.

Blouin said he has been trying to get neighbors more involved but with little success.

'You could have a robbery three blocks away, and you don't know anything about it. You could have someone break in a shed you don't know about and you live around the corner.'

New Orleans police issued a statement saying they are actively looking for a suspect, but until that happens, Blouin said neighbors have to step up.

'We need to unite in our neighborhood watch to connect the residents, which we do not have.'

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