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NEWORLEANS- The invited audience gave President Obama a standing ovation, and peppered his speech with applause as he touched on a number of critical issues, like finding solutions for the computer website problems with the Affordable Care Act.

'I promise you, nobody has been more frustrated,' said President Obama.'I wanted to go fix it myself, but I don't write code.'

He said he did ask Governor Jindal why Louisiana is not expanding the Medicaid program.

'Here in Louisiana that would benefit about 265,000 people.'

But the Governor restated his opposition to Obamacare.

'It really is about a large bureaucratic government program that is going to decrease the quality of healthcare and increase tihe cost,' said Governor Jindal.

But the president came to the Nashville Avenue wharf to encourage government and private investment in America's infrastructure, from aging bridges, roads, schools, and ports to create jobs.

'One of the things we should be focused on is helping more businessessell more products to the rest of the world, and the only way those products get out is through facilities like this,' said the President.

After his speech, President Obama greeted supporters in the crowd. But he is not the first president to speak at the Nashville Avenue wharf. 51 years ago, President Kennedy came here. His speech, a familiar one today, increasing exports and trade to create jobs.

'We now export more goods than ever before, and that means jobs right here in the United States Of America,' said President Obama.

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