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METAIRIE,La. -- The parking lot at Dorignac's Food Center in Metairie was packed Thanksgiving morning.

People raced in to get a few remaining ingredients for their Turkey Day feast.

You don't get french bread ahead of time,' said Mabrey Little. 'Got to come the morning of and get french bread and all the stuff that you've forgot. There's always another bottle of wine and a little more andouille.'

Roger McLeod had a basket load of liquid refreshments.

'Absolutely, best beer I ever had,' he said holding up a bottle of Sam Adams.

Peggy Harmon picked up the whole turkey, trimmings and all.

'I normally cook, but I decided I'd train my children how to do it,' said Harmon. 'I came and bought it and I'm going to bring it to their house. Then, I don't have to cook.'

A growing number of people skip the cooking and company and head straight to the food. It was hard to find a table at Tujaque's in the French Quarter.

'I really enjoy coming here and it's a lot easier than staying at home and cooking for all those people,' said Mary Ann Laborde.

Empty nesters say after years of doing Thanksgiving at home, eating out has become a new tradition.

'We let all our kids have that and me and my wife come over here an enjoy the turkey,' said Elliott Laborde.

'We've had a lot of eating at home days and now that we're older, we really don't,' said Karen Brown. 'Our children are grown and we just like to eat out.'

Back at Dorignac's shoppers don't have anything against folks eating out on Turkey Day, but for them, they say eating in with family and friends is the way to spend Thanksgiving.

'We've got little ones, so they need to run around,' said Little. 'That's not too good at a table in a restaurant.'

'My husband's here and my family, I have seven children and a whole bunch of grandchildren and I'm going to see them all, so it's really nice,' said Harmon.

There are pro and cons on both sides of the Turkey Day debate. If you eat out, you don't have to wash the dishes, pots and pans. But, then again if you eat in, there are usually plenty of leftovers for tomorrow's turkey gumbo.

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